Employment Flash News No. 1/2019 – News on minimum salary in the construction industry

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Government Emergency Ordinance no. 114/2018 on the establishment of measures in the field of public investments and of fiscal – budgetary measures, the amendment and completion of certain normative acts and the extension of certain deadlines was published within the Official Gazette no. 1116 dated December 29th, 2018.

According to these legal provisions, in the construction industry, starting January 1st, 2019 and until December 31st, 2019, the minimum monthly gross base salary guaranteed for payment for an average full-time schedule of 167,333 hours/month will be, without including bonuses/increments or other additional payments, of RON 3.000 (approx. EUR 640).

Consequently, the minimum hourly gross value will be of RON 17,928/hour.

The Government Emergency Ordinance applies only to the employees hired by companies activating in the construction industry, as follows:

  • Construction activity defined by the CAEN code 41.42.43 – section F – Constructions;
  • The fields of production of construction materials, defined by the following CAEN codes:
    • 2312 – Processing and shaping of glass;
    • 2331 – Manufacture of ceramic tiles and slabs;
    • 2332 – Manufacture of bricks, roof tiles and other construction products of burnt clay;
    • 2361 – Manufacture of concrete products for construction;
    • 2362 – Manufacture of plaster products for construction;
    • 2363 – Manufacture of concrete;
    • 2364 – Manufacture of mortar;
    • 2369 – Manufacture of other articles of concrete, cement and plaster;
    • 2370 – Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone;
    • 2223 – Manufacture of articles of plastics for construction purposes;
    • 1623 – Manufacture of other carpentry and joinery for construction;
    • 2512 – Manufacture of metal doors and windows;
    • 2511 – Manufacture of metal structures and parts of metal structures;
    • 0811 – Extraction of ornamental stone and building stone, extraction of limestone, gypsum, chalk and slate;
    • 0812 – Extraction of gravel and sand;
    • 711 – Architectural, engineering and technical consultancy services;

We remind you that non-compliance with the provisions regarding the minimum monthly gross base salary represents an administrative offence, sanctioned with a fine ranging from RON 300 (approx. EUR 65) to RON 2.000 (approx. EUR 425). If the provisions regarding minimum gross salary are repeatedly breached, this deed shall represent a criminal offence.

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