Employment Flash News No. 1/2014

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News on the work places under harmful conditions

Government Decision no. 1077/2013 for the amendment of the Government Decision no. 246/2007 setting forth the procedure for the renewal of authorizations framing work places within harmful conditions has been published within the Official Gazette no. 821 dated December 23, 2013.

According to the new legal provisions, starting January 1st, 2014, the authorizations for framing work places under harmful conditions can be renewed.

However, the conditions for granting such authorizations were tightened up. Therefore, in addition to the documents previously provided for the authorization renewal, now, the applicant must also present, for example, copies of the control documents prepared by the territorial labor inspectorate.

News on work authorizations granted to foreigners in 2014

Government Decision no. 992/2013 setting forth the number of work authorizations that can be issued to foreigners in 2014 has been published within the Official Gazette no. 791 dated December 17, 2013.

According to these legal provisions, in 2014, the Government will grant 5.500 work permits to foreigners who want to be employed or to perform work in Romania based on the posting decision of a foreign legal person employer.

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