The “LEX ATELIER Series” has Reached its Third Edition

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Organized by NNDKP’s Timisoara office together with Transfer Pricing Services SRL (TPS), the workshop series organized for current and potential clients focused again on the business environment in Arad (October 11), Timisoara (October 12) and Oradea (October 13).

The theme of the workshops was “TRANSFER PRICING – a major risk or an opportunity for your business? From the group perspective to that of affiliates” and the debates focused on controversial aspects of the contractual relationship between affiliates, with particular emphasis on the issue of transfer pricing.

The event included:

  • An initial session presenting the relevant legal and fiscal concepts from the perspective of both the group and the affiliates, with particular focus on
  • The domestic and international context
  • Intra-group contractual relations
  • Prices for intra-group services
  • A session of debates on topics such as risks, common mistakes, inadequate practices

Daniel Sacal (TPS) joined Eva Forika and Sorin Mociofan (NNDKP Timisoara) on the panel of this event that highlighted again the integrated legal and fiscal practice advanced by NNDKP (Legal & Tax) and TPS.

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