Roxana Ionescu – speaker at ZF ESG Summit 2022

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Roxana Ionescu, Partner and Head of NNDKP’s Environment and Data Protection practices, was a speaker at the first edition of ZF ESG Summit organized by Ziarul Financiar at Radisson Blu Hotel in Bucharest on 17 May 2022.

The “ESG” Concept (Environmental, Social, Governance) continues to grow in relevance and importance for stakeholders when making business decisions. The credibility of an organization from an ESG perspective tends to become a “must” that complements the standards that until recently made up the classic model of valuating companies.

In this context, the business community must continue its long-term sustainable development efforts and integrate the new ESG principles into the way businesses are conducted and future initiatives are planned, to align with global requirements when it comes to sustainable development.

During her intervention, Roxana talked about the importance of the ESG principles, their impact on organizations (regardless of their size) and the need to integrate them into the business.

“There is a cascading effect of the ESG criteria. I know that the focus is always on the listed companies, which are the first to be targeted to implement these criteria, or on the companies that need to access financing in the context in which the banks have become very active in this area, but the cascading effect appears. The companies that are targeted are in the front line. They work with suppliers who, even if they do not want to access financing via the capital market or a bank loan, will be forced by their customers to do so. It is important to understand that this will have an impact not only on companies with over 500 employees”, said Roxana Ionescu.

The full video recording of the event is available here (in Romanian).

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