Razvan Vlad and Valentin Voinescu – speakers at Business Challenge 2021

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On November 19, 2021 our colleagues Razvan Vlad and Valentin Voinescu participated in the event Business Challenge 2021 organized by Business Mark.

The theme of this year’s flagship event dedicated to Romanian entrepreneurs and SMEs revolved around the challenges brought by the pandemic and the manner in which Romanian entrepreneurial businesses managed to overcome them.

Guest speakers were invited to share their own experience during this difficult time and to answer questions such as:

  • Was the support provided to SMEs sufficient during this period?
  • What were the elements that helped you overcome the challenges brought by the crisis?
  • What changes has the pandemic brought and which of them will remain with us in the future?
  • How do we go from “survival mode” to “growth mode”, also taking into account the lessons of the past, but at the same time avoiding embracing an overly cautious approach?

During the first part of the conference, Razvan Vlad, Partner in our Corporate/M&A Practice, delivered a presentation on the topic of “Smart Exit”. Razvan talked about exit possibilities, viable types of exit, the stages of an exit process, the things to avoid and the essential elements in making the final decision to exit.

In the second part of the event, Valentin Voinescu, Partner in our Banking and Finance Practice, co-moderated the discussions between representatives of the entrepreneurial community. The panellists talked about the impact of the crisis on their businesses in the last 18 months, how they managed to overcome the challenges they faced and to capitalize on the opportunities they identified during this period.

Other topics on the agenda included growth opportunities, financing solutions available to small and medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups and business agility.

The video registration of the event (in Romanian) is available here.

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