NNDKP’s Timisoara Office Hosted “Summer Lex Atelier”

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NNDKP’s Timisoara office organized on Wednesday, August 24, 2016, the second edition of this year of “Summer Lex Atelier”, a seminar focused on the subject of “The liability of a company’s director and the management body – from norms to practice”.

Against the background of the ongoing changes that shape the practice of administrative and judicial authorities, the presentations covered the following aspects:

  • the commercial company and its corporate bodies; weighing public interest against the specific interest of those who are part of the company’s corporate body
  • the role of corporate bodies and their liability; types of liability and interests protected
  • liability of directors and officers; legal norms that gave rise an excessively broad interpretation of the prerogatives and obligations provided under the law
  • discussions of controversial situations

The discussions were coordinated by Adriana I. Gaspar and Eva Forika; the panel included Delia Baroianu, Ion Loga, Sorin Mociofan and Daniela Pepa, attorneys and fiscal consultants with NNDKP’s Timisoara team.

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