NNDKP Offers Special Award to a Large Manufacturer of Electronic Components

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This year, the ninth edition of the NNDKP Special Award was offered to Hella Romania, one of the largest manufacturers of electronic components for the automotive industry, for its contribution to the industrial development of the region, consisting in setting up its sixth international corporate center, near Timișoara.

This prize is the formal recognition of the appreciation manifested towards companies which trust the economic potential of Timiș county and based their business development strategy on the local community that they support in their turn, by promoting it and the human resources powering it as a landmark of Romanian industrial production.

Senior Partner Adriana Ioana Gaspar commented with respect to NNDKP’s decision to present the award to Hella Romania:

“The vision, accountability and commitment towards the city of Timişoara manifested by the new investment made by the company are extremely important for the economic and social progress of the county. We have always shared these values and, together with other companies based in Timiș county, we will continue contributing to building an ever growing local business community, which supports the development of the county in all respects.”

The director of the new corporate center responded:

“It is a great honor for us and we are very happy to be awarded this distinction by NNDKP, as an acknowledgment of our efforts and involvement in the development of production activities in Romania as well as in the development of the concept of the Hella Corporate Center as international development and administrative services center.”

As it has become a tradition, the NNDKP Special Award presented at the “Top Companies in Timiş County” ceremony, organized by the Timiș County Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture to recognize the best-performing companies in the region.

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