NNDKP Legal & Tax Conference 8th edition 2023

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On October 16th, 2023, NNDKP and Ziarul Financiar organized the 8th edition of the annual Legal & Tax conference, centered around the theme End of the year under the impact of tax increases. What’s next in 2024? Trends in Romanian taxation.

During a live debate, Alina Timofti, Marius Ionescu, Daniel Hadar and Marius Ezer discussed topics of interest for this end-of-the-year together with Cristian Hostiuc, such as:

  • Are the tax increases a result of the commitments undertaken under the PNRR or are they intended to cover budget gaps?
  • What are the main tax changes announced this year?
  • What is the impact of these changes on the Romanian business environment?
  • Will the tax increases be enough or is another wave coming? What can we expect in 2024?
  • Where does ANAF stand in the current budget crisis? What can we expect?
  • What are the latest trends in tax disputes?
  • Common areas of focus in tax audits
  • Tax disputes at the level of the courts
  • Is Romania ready for the MAP (mutual agreed procedure) revolution?

The event full recording can be watched here.

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