NNDKP CELF event in Cluj-Napoca – Tax inspection in The Digital Era

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The Tax Inspection in The Digital Era event powered by NNDKP’s Center of Excellence in Fiscal Disputes (CELF) took place on March 29, 2023, in Cluj-Napoca.

Alina Timofti, Emil Bivolaru, Ciprian Paun and Daniel Hadar shared their views on what tax inspection would look like in the digital era and the issues most likely to be verified by the authorities, focusing on the procedure changes expected to be seen in 2023 and down the line, anti-fraud controls, integrated risk management system, intra-group services, VAT and green energy, and tax implications for the IT industry.

The event was part of the series of meetings hosted by NNDKP CELF throughout this year with the aim of informing in-house legal and finance professionals, top executives and other stakeholders of the latest developments in the tax field.

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