NNDKP at Outlook 2019: Europe & CEE

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On 21 February 2019, NNDKP was at the Outlook 2019: Europe & CEE, a real estate conference organized in Bucharest by Reed MIDEM in association with MIPIM, the creator of the world’s leading real estate event, and Investment Briefings, a media company focused on real estate investment and market trends. NNDKP was the hosting partner of the event.

The conference focused on the investment opportunities in 2019 in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of real estate. What are the prospects for the year ahead? Are there any clouds on the horizon? The threat of interest rate rises seems to have receded. What about political uncertainty? Will investors’ focus on the office market continue? Are investors looking beyond the region’s capitals to regional cities? Which sectors and cities are they likely to favour? Will Poland and Romania also develop structures to encourage domestic investment? Will the retail sector benefit from positive consumer sentiment and rising wages? The residential sector has seen high demand and price increases: will this trend continue? The logistics sector has seen some big ticket-deals: is its growth unstoppable, given the region’s strategic location between East and West? Are increasing labour shortages going to be a problem? Infrastructure has much improved: is there more to be done to support investment?

Our Partner, Lavinia Ionita Rasmussen was a speaker at the event.

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