Ioana Grigoriu – speaker at the Real Estate and Construction Forum 2022

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Ioana Grigoriu, Managing Associate in NNDKP’s Real Estate and Construction practice, was one of the speakers in “Panel II – Focus on residential” at this year’s edition of the Real Estate and Construction Forum organized by BusinessMark on 15 September at JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel.

During the debate, Ioana addressed the issue of the minimum green space area per person required for private residential projects and noted the positive trend seen in the complex property restitution process conducted by the Romanian authorities, as far as the communication with the authorities is concerned.

The private investor is facing a challenge that has not been encountered in Bucharest so far, due to the restrictive interpretations of the green space legislation, which imposes a minimum of 20 square meters of green space per person. According to the green space legislation, if someone wants to reclassify an area as residential, a minimum of 20 square meters of green space per person must be ensured. (…) Only the state can be the addressee of these regulations, through local authorities, and we cannot transfer this responsibility to private sector operators because we would be nipping developers’ projects in the bud. This is something unheard of – this problem surfaced only after the pandemic (…)”, indicated Ioana.

More details about the event and line-up of speakers are available (in Romanian) here.

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