“HR Topics over Coffee” – NNDKP Debates the Practical Impact Brought by the 2011 Amendments to the Labor Code

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Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen organized this year’s first edition of the event series “HR topics over coffee”. After almost a year from the enforcement of the amendments to the Labor Code brought by Law 40/2011, NNDKP’s attorneys specializing in labor law explored together with clients the issues faced by employers as a result of the amendments and assessed various practical solutions.

The discussions were moderated by Luminiţa Dima, the partner coordinating NNDKP’s Employment practice and associates Monica Preoţescu and Anca Vătăşoiu and focused on topics such as: form and content of the individual labor agreements, the employee assessment criteria and evaluation procedure, the trial period, the labor agreement signed on a determined period, recent solutions given by the courts in response to the amendments made to the labor law, etc.

“The purpose of these meetings, which we organize periodically with our clients, is to discuss the issues encountered in practice by each of us, the matters of interest for us with respect to which we already identified solutions or are still searching for the best answers. We can analyze the issues generated by the amendments to the Labor Code throughout the enforcement period as well as their impact on practice and we thought it would be useful to share our experience with the participants”, stated Luminiţa Dima.

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