Freshers’ Week visits NNDKP

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We would like to extend our warmest thanks to our 26 Fresher-visitors for the unbridled enthusiasm you brought to the NNDKP office. We are very happy that our passion for and dedication to law match your professional aspirations!

Freshers’ Week is an initiative of ELSA Bucharest dedicated to freshmen students at Bucharest Law School who are eager to discover the Romanian legal services community.

Guided by NNDKP Senior Partner and Head of our Dispute Resolution practice, Ana Diculescu-Sova, the Freshers’ Week group that visited NNDKP got a taste of the real-life stories behind the evolution of the Romanian legal profession during the past decades and the rise of NNDKP as a pioneer of the domestic business law endeavors. The relationship between AI and humanity, i.e., the human touch behind the ever-evolving technology, was also a topic that encouraged our visitors to explore each aspect of the legal profession through the eyes of a senior lawyer.

Thank you all for your visit and we wish you lots of success and accomplishments. See you again soon!

Thank you ELSA for the opportunity!

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