Alina Radu – speaker at “ZF Bankers Summit 2023”

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Alina Radu, Partner and Head of NNDKP’s Banking and Finance practice, was a speaker at the 12th edition of “ZF Bankers Summit”, a flagship event for the banking and finance market in Romania that took place between 26-28 June 2023.

Alina took part in a one-to-one discussion on the first day of the conference, starting  11:45.

Some of the topics on which the event focused were:

  • Analysis of the banking system in 2022 through the lens of performance.
  • What does the banking system look like in the first part of 2023 and what will happen in the second part?
  • When interest rates fall, how will the ROBOR and IRCC indicators evolve?
  • What are the legislative and regulatory challenges facing banking lawyers?

The event was livestreamed on and on ZF`s Facebook page.

More details on the event are available here.


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