Alina Radu – speaker at ZF Bankers Summit 2022

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Alina Radu, Partner and Head of NNDKP’s Banking and Finance practice, participated in the ZF Bankers Summit 2022, a key event for the banking and finance sector in Romania, organized by Ziarul Financiar between 11-13 July, 2022.

Alina participated in a one-to-one discussion on the second day of the summit, touching upon subjects such as trends on the Romanian banking market, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Speaking about sustainability, Alina opined: “Companies that take into account and take steps in implementing these ESG policies will witness favorable financial consequences […] it is obvious that this is the trend, and if now, for some companies the fact that they have implemented ESG policies can be a differentiator, in the future it will be a condition for existing and remaining on the market, because more and more emphasis will be placed on the sustainability of a business”.

You can read more details on Alina’s intervention here (in Romanian).

The second day of the conference can be watched here (in Romanian).

Ziarul Financiar is a Romanian daily financial newspaper, mainly aimed at Romania’s business and finance community, and organizer of local business events.


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