Which Lawyer in Romania 2020 – Corporate/M&A Chapter

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Published in Which Lawyer in Romania 2020 – Corporate/M&A Chapter, 13th edition

Razvan Vlad and Corina Dumitru, from our Corporate/M&A practice, contributed to the Corporate/M&A Chapter of the latest edition of Which Lawyer on Romania.

“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Romanian business environment seems to cope with the challenges generated by the first lockdown (between March and May 2020) and the investments continued to be placed in certain attractive sectors. For instance, investors are still looking at the production facilities and medical services sectors for potential opportunities.

One of the main concerns would be connected to the uncertainty generated by the worldwide medical conditions and the capacity of the local government to support certain industries which were heavily affected by the lockdown (tourism and leisure businesses).

Likewise, investments made by the state authorities in infrastructure have continued their growth and the reasonable expectation is that this field has not been affected by the pandemic and it will continue to run a positive course” is the view of Razvan Vlad.

“Our expectations would be that sectors such as private medical services (as there is an increased focus on COVID-19 patients while other patients tend to be left waiting for the time being) to further develop and become attractive for private investments. Also, the productions sector for common goods designated for consumers are likely to remain attractive. IT sector (especially when it comes to digitalization and communication) will continue to be an appealing one, too.

Last but not least, the construction sector specifically with regard to infrastructure projects will maintain and even increase its attractiveness” said Corina Dumitru.

This article appeared in the 2020 edition of Which Lawyer in Romania, www.whichlawyer.ro.

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