Romanian Chapter in the “Data Protection and Privacy: Jurisdictional Comparisons”

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Published by Thomson Reuters in “The European Lawyer Reference Series”, 2012

Hailed for its reflection of the current state of play when it comes to data protection, “Data Protection & Privacy: Jurisdictional Comparisons” aims to provide a comprehensive source of key information on the data protection and privacy regimes in 30 major jurisdictions worldwide, including Romania, and to serve as a reference guide for companies, legal professionals and data protection officers alike. Each chapter is written by expert local specialists with extensive experience in this field, and is systematically structured in a way that allows for comparisons to be easily made between the various jurisdictions. The book is one of the few of its kind and is also one of the first works to cover the recent legislative proposal of the European Commission for a reform of the European Union’s data protection legal framework.

Following the structure set for the entire book, the Romanian chapter emphasizes the legal requirements currently applicable for the processing of personal data in Romania, while identifying practical solutions for their fulfilment in an ever evolving business environment.

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