European Intellectual Property Office releases a news study on IP perception in the EU

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Building on its 2013 survey, the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) continues to gather insights throughout the 28 Member States on EU citizen’s views, awareness and recognition of Intellectual Property.

The EUIPO commissioned an in-depth assessment involving 26,555 participants over the age of 15 to answer various questions on their understanding and behaviour towards Intellectual Property.

The findings of the 2017 study reveal that, although overall acknowledgment of the role of IP in the economy is highly recognized (97% of EU citizens believe in the importance of protecting IP), there seems to be more tolerance for the acquisition of counterfeit goods than in previous years (for example, 15% of the respondents aged 15-24, admitted to intentionally buying a counterfeit in the last 12 months, 9 percentage points more than in 2013).

The full report can be accessed on the EUIPO website, at the following link.

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